The White Album Chronicles

The White Album Chronicles is an 8-disc collection of White Album track extractions and isolations created as a result of the proprietary process used to construct TOUP’s 5.1 DTS mix. Discs 1-4 are the basic center, left, and right channel extractions with one original lp side per disc. All of the center channel tracks are first in lp order, followed by the left and then the right. Discs 5 and 6 are the stereo reconstructions of each side of the cv stereo mix using the above extracted tracks. Putting the center and right channel extractions together into stereo can yield interesting results for example on Rocky Raccoon where the vocal ends up on the left, the guitar in the center, and the harmonica on the right. Disc 7 consists of the best of the additional instrumental or vocal isolations extracted from the stereo mixes on the two previous discs. Disc 8 is a collection of stereo remixes using two of the 2nd pass re-extractions, most of which are different from the individual ones on disc 7.

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